Good day, I am Prasanna de Silva, was born in 1977 and live with my wife Martina, who from Germany (Berlin) comes in Kalutara.
For more than 13 years, I accompany tourists on sightseeing trips by my beautiful country.
I have a tour guide license and speak several languages​​.


We want to bring you the unique diversity of tropical and Sri Lanka closer to individual species.

Our tours are specifically meant for your personal needs and requirements and you decide how long and where you want to make your swing.

We plan with you.
Each excursion is accompanied in your language.

All trips are insured, air conditioned vehicles and expert drivers.

You can feel cared for us safe and well.


day trips
1,2,3 ... ... day trips
TUK-TUK rides
river cruises
Fishing at sea
Scuba diving or snorkeling
Colombo Shopping trips
and more

For questions or problems we can help you.


We look forward to seeing you



all the tours we arrange for your wash. They are looking to us to develop your goals and then you go.

For multi-day trips staying in first class 4-5 star hotels

Experience an unforgettable holiday called on Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean

Do not hesitate to contact us. E-mail, telephone or on site. We show you the beauty of a beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean


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